Key database totals:
No. of species accounts: 67971
No. of unique species: 53251
No. of species Red Listed in multiple countries/regions: 13010
No. of countries/regions: 43

Criteria Systems used by current data:
IUCN Categories and Criteria: 71%
Modified-IUCN: 6%
Non-IUCN: 23%

Threat Status of species currently in database:
Although the threat statuses of 23% of the species are not listed as an IUCN Category, we have tried to allocate them into the appropriate grouping.  It isn’t possible to allocate all species in the database into one of the categories however, as about 5% are listed in terms that may not reflect threat, such as Rare or Notable.

Please note that the figures listed below do not necessarily reflect the global proportion of species considered nationally threatened because many countries only assess species thought to be threatened; predicted Least Concern species may not be assessed.

Regionally Extinct: 8.5%
Critically Endangered: 16.6%
Endangered: 20.4%
Vulnerable: 14.8%
Near Threatened: 12%
Least Concern: 8.2%
Data Deficient: 14.8%