Training & Support


IUCN make a range of Red List training materials available on their Red List training pages, as well as translations of many key documents in a range of languages.  A new Red List training programme is being developed, which we hope will be coming soon!  The IUCN website is the first port of call for all formal training materials and we will keep this page, our newsletter and our Twitter feed up to date with news of the new training initiative’s progress.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) holds the chair of the IUCN National Red List Working Group.  We can provide some support at all stages in the development of National Red Lists, including:

  • Collection of relevant species information
  • Provision of training in the application of the Regional and National IUCN Categories and Criteria
  • Construction of an electronic biodiversity database
  • Organisation of a regional workshop in collaboration with local experts
  • Production of a printed National Red List
  • Production of Summary Conservation Action Plans and geographical search tools
  • Advice on funding proposals

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us.

Many organisations around the world work on Red Listing. Our Network can help you find people working on Red Lists on the same taxa or in the same region as you.  Please use the network forum to share questions and experience.  Our Contributors page may also contain further organisations that have provided data to the website but may not currently be part of the National Red List Network.  The IUCN Red List website, of course, also contains a wealth of helpful resources, many of which are linked to from other pages in this section.  Their partners pages contain links to all the organisations around the world vital in creating the global Red List, together a huge source of specialist expertise.

Our Blog, Newsletter and Case Studies pages will highlight examples of Red List production around the world.